The Best Tools for Launching New Products + A New Tool

Starting is exhilarating.  Intoxicating.  The possibility, the opportunity, is vast & grand.  The fuzzy front end, with all the risk & promise & chaos is my sweet spot.  

A few years ago I competed in Georgia Tech's Startup Competition with what will be Pember.lee's second product line.  That's where I first learned about the business model canvas & customer discovery for developing & market testing new product ideas before launching.


From there I learned of Ash Maurya's lean canvas & prefer to start there & grow into the business model canvas.


But I'm adding another step!  Last week, Seth Godin published a post about making 3 lists when considering & preparing for a new project.  Where the canvases are more market facing, I like these questions/lists because they're inward facing & help sort through the emotional strain & confusion of starting.  No matter how exciting a start is, the fear & doubt always show up.


So, I created a tool to be used alongside the canvases!

Project Beginnings - 3 Questions to Start - The Maximax

I'm retracing & completing this for all 3 of my major projects.  I love the idea of pre-empting the doubtful thoughts & calling them out before they even show up to the meeting.


Please enjoy responsibly!


- JLynn