Hi & hello.

I'm honestly not really sure how to write a post to imaginary readers that I may or may not have.  Seems a little weird.  But let's get started.

I'm all-systems-go starting today on my next adventures:
  • launching a consumer product I've designed & building a company on the side.
  • launching a fashion/dating product in another startup
  • helping a friend identify, validate & launch a socially responsible enterprise in Cambodia
  • serving on the board of a non-profit preparing to launch a multi-sided network service that will upstart how people volunteer

I've just wrapped up my MBA from the GA Tech Evening MBA program & read all the books on everything startup.  I've also just started a promotion into New Product Development Management after 6 years as a Product Design Engineer.  So I've got lots of know-how.  It's time for some know-do.

Here are a few things I do know:

  • I love the city of Atlanta & want to be part of building it into an entrepreneurial hub.  My products will say: Designed in Atlanta.
  • Lean Startup/Customer Discovery/Business Model Canvas are the way to go.  Failure for me will be launching a product that nobody wants.  Ideas/designs that fail in customer discovery & hypothesis testing will be deemed successes.  Big ones.  Even if it's my favorite design or closest held belief.
  • I do not subscribe to current work theories.  Who said work is 40 hours per week?  Why 8 to 5?  When should you hire the right attitude fit over the candidate with more experience?  Why is it hard for certain people groups to get work?  Is tenure the best arbiter of additional vacation & perks?
  • Economics is one of the strongest forces for good available.  Whatever I create or do, leveraging economics for social good & change will be a top tier priority.  Here & abroad.

So this is the game plan.  I'm figuring things out as I go (finalizing the design/manufacturing & testing the business model) & I'll report it all here.  Good, bad, ugly, goofy, tough & fun.

Let's do this.